Blog Overhaul

Recently I was reading a new blogger-…/…/so-which-is-it/ - this post to be exact and after reading more of her posts I had a little come to Jesus  meeting with myself. THIS was what I wanted my blog to be- raw, honest and hilarious. You can hear her voice so strongly with the words she writes- and I love it. I have blog envy which made me stop and think about my own blog and what was I really trying to accomplish with it? Was it page views to create revenue? Was it posts that would could be picked up by bigger entities? What was the reason for this blog? WHY did I spend all the time I did to make it look somewhat aesthetically pleasing? Hours. Days. Weeks. Why did I find myself writing so many "fluff" pieces? I think I have had my priorities with this blog all wrong. I was making up posts I thought would garner the most page views and re-pins on Pinterest, and guess what? I barely blog anymore. I think it is because I don't really need this to be a popular blog- but I was trying really hard to make it one. I am not sure why. So that ends today.

I love to write. I always have and although I am not a great writer it serves as a catharsis for me. I am a very emotional person (ask my husband haha!) I feel ALL the feelings. You can tell exactly how I am feeling by looking at my face. I have never been good at hiding my emotions and in some ways it has served me well. Because of this aspect of my personality when I was growing up it really helped me to sort out everything going on in my mind and heart by journaling. I probably have 10 old journals I filled up and when I got into college I stopped. With soccer and school I just never found the time to journal and when I began blogging again it brought back that passion of mine. To just get all of my thoughts out into the universe. To get my feelings out- it is something that is so good for me personally and I have almost completely lost that recently with this blog. I am done focusing on all of the things that don't really matter and writing about things that I feel are "safe". I need this blog for me so if I lose readers in the meantime for writing about things that aren't cookie cutter or that people might disagree with then oh well because my new set of priorities have amount of clicks at the very bottom of the list. 

So with all of that said- I am going to be changing a few things around on here and shaking it up. If you want to keep reading please do :) but if not- I totally understand and am under no false egotistical assumption that everyone wants to read about what I think about just about anything haha!! So welcome to my new blog which will be about whatever it is I feel like writing about that day.