New Blog and New Beginnings

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It has been a long time since I have sat down and wrote a blog post. I don't know where to start! I am very excited to get back into blogging. It is something that I have enjoyed for years- and it always been a form of catharsis for me. There is just something about sitting down and getting all of your thoughts on a screen that is so soothing and healing to my heart. I will be honest in saying I am not really sure what direction this blog will take. I have had a lot of fun in the past blogging about Paleo and Motherhood- but when I really narrow my focus I tend to get bored and stop. I am hoping this blog can just be whatever it is I need it to be at any given moment. In the past I was really focused on getting a lot of views and through viewership with ads making an income. This time around I think I will leave all of that for later if it something I feel called to do again. My Paleo Made Painless blog has been inactive for YEARS but with all of the marketing work and ad work I did it still gets thousands of views a month and is close to a MILLION views all time! Even though it was pretty cool watching it succeed- the stress of coming up with new recipes and taking pictures every step of the way made it so I wasn't enjoying cooking very much. Even with that many views it wasn't pulling in nearly enough money to make it worth the time and energy. I want recipes to be a part of this new space- but not the focus.

Although the overall focus and direction for Full of Grace and Greens is still in the works- the purpose and intent of Full of Grace and Greens is crystal clear. I want this to become a space where I can hopefully share something that resonates with you- and that makes your day a little brighter. There have been many times I have read something that has resonated so loudly with my heart it has lifted some stress off of me and made me feel happy that I wasn't the only one feeling a certain way or with a certain belief. As my kids have gotten a little older and we have been out of the exhausting days of newborns- I have had some more time on my hands to get back into some things that I truly love. I have been working for a wonderful ministry named Safe Families for Children. I have been volunteering at a Crisis Pregnancy Center and we have become more involved in our church and community. I know a lot of these things will get put on hold once our baby girl arrives in December- and I am hoping writing will help fill me up when we move back into that phase of life.

I plan on writing and posting pretty regularly- as we get back into the school routine and my husband juggles the many businesses he is a part of - I will make it a priority to find a time where I have the chance to fill these pages. If you are interested please follow Full of Grace and Greens- and I would love to hear any ideas for future posts. If there is something you have truly wanted to write about but don't want to create an entire blog- please contact me and we can discuss guest blogging as well!

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